CIS Team-building Trip to Geilo, Norway

As our Christmas gift, the CIS Leadership Team took all of us lucky teachers and staff to an all-expenses paid weekend trip to Geilo, Norway. Geilo is about a 4-5 hour drive from our school in Moss. The students were given Friday, March 3rd off from school as compensation for the extra hours they put in for all of our winter concerts. We teachers then packed up our cars and rode inland.

We arrived at our hotel, Dr. Holms. After having a look around the place, I immediately joined up with some other teachers and spent the day skiing the slopes in absolutely PERFECT conditions! The sun was shining, the snow was nothing but powder, and the tickets were steeply discounted.

The weekend had many adventures, including cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, hot-tubbing outside amongst the ice and snow, team building games, and dancing the evenings away in the Apres-Ski bar with my amazing colleagues.