CIS Science Fair

This week was the CIS Science Fair! Our class has been working hard to prepare all our projects for the big day, and I am mighty proud of the effort and level of work that was on display! Our current Unit of Inquiry, under the theme “How the World Works” is focused on energy. Each science fair experiment in our class dealt with some aspect of energy. The students were allowed to choose their own energy-related topic and scientific question (after gaining final approval from their teacher, of course).

All in all, it was a very successful day, and I am very impressed with the displays and presentations done by my lovely PYP4 students!

Visitors from other classes came to peruse the research posters

Students gave presentations to interested peers on their experiments and findings


Our experiments were some of the most popular in CIS

Student action in sharing their findings and teaching others about energy

Behind the experiments, one can see some of the research posters the class made in groups at the onset of our Unit of Inquiry

Research and data carefully displayed on one of the PYP 4 research posters

Using the scientific method to answer important questions!

Some PYP 4 students made sure that parents, faculty, and schoolmates would feel properly welcomed when entering our classroom

Our scientific method display up in the PYP 4 classroom

An interesting project about the transformation of light energy into wind energy and electricity

A more theoretical study on the power of solar energy