MYP 3 Trip to Berlin, Germany

In my role as the MYP German teacher here at the Children’s International School, I chaperoned the MYP 3 Hvitte Busser trip to Berlin. The students are currently studying the Holocaust and World War 2 in their Individuals and Societies class, so as part of the trip we visited several important historical sites.

On Monday, we left Moss on a bus with about 55 students and 5 chaperones. We drove to Sweden and took an overnight ferry to Germany. Once we arrived in Germany, we went directly to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. It was a difficult place to be, but the students were very respectful and listened attentively to the tour guide the entire time.



On Tuesday, we had a city tour of Berlin and the students (and teachers!) had some free time to tour the city. I was lucky enough to visit with some friends who work as international teachers at the Berlin Metropolitan School. We all know each other from our TCNJ summers earning our MEd’s in Mallorca. That evening, we students and teachers all got back together to tour the Stasi Prison at Hohenschoenhausen. Now THAT was a great museum! I highly recommend it for anyone going to Berlin. The tour guides were knowledgeable and engaging.









On Thursday, we went to Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. Here, we had many tears (mine included). We had a flower laying ceremony there before leaving that evening. Afterwards, we had a quick stop in Luebeck to taste some delicious marzipan and stroll the beautiful city at sunset. We then made our way back north to Norway where we arrived on Friday.


It was a week filled with information and fun. I’m sure it will be a learning experience the students won’t soon forget. Activities such as this bring learning alive and lead to really excellent inquiry and reflection.